The Pulpit: And Your Little Dog, Too

[ Thanks to Alex
for this link. ]

“Judge Penfield Jackson Opens Up a Can of Whoop Ass on Microsoft
but Misses a Few Points in the Process….”

“Having said that, the judge makes a good case, and I think he
is correct. Heck, I wrote that two years ago and the reasons I
cited then are still the ones I would cite today. But that doesn’t
mean Judge Penfield Jackson got everything right. The major error I
saw was his misunderstanding of Linux and the Open Source movement.
He completely misses (or chooses to miss) the fact that there is a
thriving commercial Linux business, assuming instead that all Linux
distributions and applications are written by volunteers and given
away for free. Here is a $3-4 billion business that is growing
at more than 100 percent per year, and the judge doesn’t see it.
Linux and Open Source is a bigger headache for Microsoft than
Netscape ever was.
But since that would mute his argument that
Microsoft must die, Judge Penfield Jackson ignores it….”

“On page six he says that there is no way another
Intel-compatible operating system could be substituted for
Microsoft’s without cost. Where are FreeBSD, Linux and the other
free OS’s in that? The other Linux material mentioned above is on
pages 25-26.”


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