The Register: Amiga users demand open source AmigaOS

“Amiga users have begun a campaign to persuade Amiga, inc.
president Thomas Schmidt that the success of both company and
community depends on taking a leaf from Linux’s book and releasing
the AmigaOS under an open source licence.”

Initially, the plan is to focus on the open source release
of the current, ‘classic’ AmigaOS, but according to Steve
Crietzman, president of the Campaign to Open Source AmigaOS (COSA),
if Schmidt is willing, it could also take in Amiga’s upcoming Amiga
Operating Environment…

“The benefit for Amiga, inc. is, however, a little less
convincing. COSA’s pitch here centres on the way the open source
movement can revitalise a product and help get it into new markets.
And, indeed, it has, as Linux’s expansion out of the server and
desktop arenas into broader, embedded markets has shown.”