The Register: Citrix tilts away from MS, towards Unix, Linux

Citrix today mounted what appeared to be a thinly disguised
demonstration of its MetaFrame product running on non-NT platforms
– Unix, certainly, and company executives are also dropping strong
hints that a Linux version is in the works.

“Among several new products demonstrated by company VP Dave
Weiss was “project Charlotte,” a browser-based system which gives
access to a server applications in a “Program Neighborhood.” This
allows any time, anywhere access to server apps with the aid of
nothing more than a browser, so it’s as applicable to low resource
devices and appliances as it is to PC platforms.”

“As part of the demo, however, Weiss used the browser to access
Lotus Notes running on a Unix server working as part of a Citrix
server farm. This quite clearly signal that Citrix is about to make
its long-awaited move to multiple server platforms.”