The Register: Debian sets course for summer

“White smoke from the most cherished of all Linux distros Debian
today. Project maintainer Anthony Towns has posted a progress
update with a roadmap into next year.”

“Renowned for its silly names and the glacial pace of its
development, Debian is nonetheless highly regarded for its
flexibility and openness. If you can’t do it with Debian, you can’t
do it with Linux.
Or GNU/Linux.”

“And being the sole major distro not at the mercy of capital –
private or public – Debian continues to support more platforms than
any of its rivals. ARM, Motorola 68000, SPARC and PowerPC ports are
maintained, alongside x86 of course. The first two names really
ought to clock amber as clues to this distro’s strategic import:
Debian is the most attractive platform to embedded hardware
partners who don’t need a real-time OS. And that’s a lot of
potential adopters, with Transmeta among them.”


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