The Register: IDC adds VA Linux Systems to server survey elite

“A red-faced IDC has admitted that VA Linux Systems is
indeed one of the top five Linux server vendors, and that it’s
recent report to the contrary was… well… wrong.”

“IDC released its report on the state of the Linux server market
during Q4 1999 last week. It put Compaq in the lead, followed by
IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Fujitsu Siemens. VA was consigned,
along with a number of hardware companies more associated with the
open source OS than the top five, into its catch-all ‘Others’

“VA immediately cried foul, pointing out that its numbers showed
it clearly ahead of Fujitsu Siemens. It also said it had reached an
agreement with IDC under which the market research company would
“clarify its earlier statement”.”