The Register: Linux server market dominated by IT giants [IDC]

“The real winners of the Linux revolution are not the
‘cottage industry’ operations most in tune with the open source
operating system’s ethos, but the faceless giants of IT.”

“According to a new report from IDC, Compaq sold more Linux
servers than anyone else during the last three months of 1999, and
the top five was dominated by the usual hardware suspects: IBM,
Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Fujitsu Siemens.”

“Still, that leaves the ‘others’, including such famous Linux
names as Penguin Computing and VA Linux Systems, holding 47.1 per
cent of the market. With Linux’s share of the overall server market
growing at a rate of 166 per cent, according to IDC estimates, that
means there’s still plenty of the cake left for the smaller