The Register: Love Bug affects Linux: MS spokeswoman’s crazed claim

A spokeswoman for Microsoft Benelux in the Netherlands has
claimed that the love bug affects both Linux and Apple, in an
interview with Egbert Kalse, a journalist with the Dutch newspaper
NRC Handelsblad.
The story subsequently appeared on the front
page of the newspaper last Friday, and included: “A spokesperson
from Microsoft Benelux denies [the virus only spreads on Microsoft
software] and said that other operating systems such as Apple and
Linux are hit.”

“A glance at the VB script of the love bug shows with no doubt
whatsoever that it is impossible for there to be any adverse effect
on non-Microsoft software. But that’s not all.”

“We asked Microsoft Benelux, through its PR agency, to confirm
the claim. We were called back three times by Michiel Gosens of
Microsoft Benelux, who denied that this had been said by a
Microsoft spokesperson, either from Microsoft Benelux or even by
anybody from Microsoft in the US, with whom he had checked. In
fact, he said, “Microsoft had not spoken with the newspaper”, and
that he would know because he dealt with press enquiries.”


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