The Register: MS Halloween Linux report author surfaces at onebox.com

“The author of Microsoft’s ‘Halloween’ Linux documents has
indeed left the company for a start-up, but it’s not a Linux one,
nor was his departure anything to do with the leaking of his
reports a year ago. That, at any rate, is what Vinod Valloppillil
said to Dow Jones Newswire, which tracked him down to

“Clearly onebox.com isn’t a Linux start-up. It’s intention is to
offer free voice, email and fax services over the Web as a kind of
one-stop shop, so it’s positioning itself as a kind of Application
Services Provider for the masses, and it’s obviously a happening
kind of company. Eric Raymond, who came up with the original
Linux-based claim, says as he understands it onebox.com’s uses
Linux heavily in its infrastructure, and that’s what he

“Whatever, we note from Netcraft that onebox.com runs Apache on
Solaris for its Web site, but that would seem the logical choice,
considering the amount of traffic the company must anticipate