The Register: Special Caldera case report: Microsoft’s smoking pistols

“Microsoft’s efforts to block key aspects of Caldera’s antitrust
suit have now almost entirely run into the sand. US District Judge
Dee Benson issued a judgement denying a further four Microsoft
motions. Microsoft has been trying for summary judgement of various
parts of Caldera’s case, but has scored straight zeros, and only
has one shot left for the judge to rule on.”

“In moving for summary judgement Microsoft has basically been
asking the judge to rule that there is no case to answer. So by
denying the motions, the judge is saying that Caldera has
produced enough evidence to suggest that Microsoft may have
violated antitrust law in each of the areas.
The latest batch
of rejections cover claims that Microsoft: created intentional
incompatibilities in order to undermine DR-DOS; used spurious error
messages to create the perception of incompatibilities, thus making
it look as if DR-DOS was broken; excluded DR-DOS developers from
the beta of Windows 3.1; and merged DOS and Windows into a single
product, Windows 95, in order to destroy competition from DR-DOS
and other competitors.”