The Register: SuSE Linux joins Debian to embrace Mac

SuSE is to join Debian as the second major Linux
distributor to expand its horizons beyond the x86 world to the
PowerPC processor in general and the Mac in particular.

“A “beta quality” version of SuSE 6.3 for the Mac will be
unveiled tomorrow at MacWorld Expo, here in San Francisco. The
finished release is set to ship in the Spring, but in the
‘in-development’ Linux world, most software is inherently in a kind
of permanent beta test state, so SuSE’s stability should be pretty

“Debian’s version of Linux for PowerPC has been in the works for
some time, though the organisation has largely kept quiet about it,
awaiting for the next major release of the Intel version, 2.2, when
the two releases can be consolidated, before shipping the Mac