The Register: TurboLinux clustering and the code-forking scare

“TurboLinux airdropped some ‘clustering enhancements’ on to
Linuxland this week, but it wound up mounting a search-and-rescue
operation before anyone noticed.”

“The kernel patch adds some load-balancing which TurboLinux says
will make Linux more attractive as a clustering option…”

“Now this unremarkable posting would have got little attention,
but for the intervention of ComputerWorld and the usually reliable
New York analyst outfit DH Brown Associates, who saw a chance to
give us that old favourite — ‘when will Linux fork?’
ComputerWorld, the puzzling IDG weekly which has jumped onto
the Windows NT bandwagon just as the other trade weeklies are
jumping off…quoted DH Brown’s Tony Iams as saying that Linus had
better…include it or the kernel would fork.


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