The Register: UK Linux show host denies Debian stand space

“British Linux users have slammed IT Events, organiser of the
UK’s upcoming Linux Expo 2000 show, for refusing to allow Debian to
exhibit at the show, despite claiming that the exhibition
represents all the major Linux distributions.”

“IT Events’ problem with Debian is that it won’t cough up
for a stand. Hardly surprising, since Debian is a non-profit
voluntary organisation. From IT Events’ perspective, however, no
dough means no show.”

“IT Events is, after all, a commercial organisation, and the
idea of giving away valuable stand space goes very much against the
grain. Indeed, there are few, if any, show organisers who would
take a different attitude. Some Linux proponents have also
criticised IT Events for charging more for stand space this year,
which is also freezing out small Linux companies. That’s fair
enough, since these are themselves businesses – the issue here is
really IT Events’ attitude to non-profit organisations.”