The Register: Xbox Linux Project Releases SuSE 8.0 Howto

“The Xbox Linux Project has now produced a tutorial on
installing SuSE 8.0 on an Xbox, and from the look of it, although
getting SuSE running is something of a triumph, the Project still
has a way to go before it can be said to have turned the Xbox into
a cheap, low-hassle Linux client.

“First you need a mod chip, the XBE bootloader and patched SuSE
kernel downloaded from the Project, a SuSE nforce driver from the
nVidia site, the correct USB adapter for the Xbox and (easy-peasy
this bit) a USB keyboard. Oh, and a SuSE 8.0 compatible PC.

“Then it’s musical cables. The procedure used is described here,
and is a ‘cross-install’ involving hot-swapping IDE cables on the
Xbox and the PC, fooling the right device at the right moment until
you have SuSE squatting on the Xbox HD. The instructions seem
pretty clear, and the issues described at the end fairly minor
(YaST crashing it is a bit of a pain, although probably to be


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