The World IPv6 Day

“In place of a Q&A this week, I’d like to talk about an
upcoming event. June 8, 2011 has been declared World IPv6 Day. The
event, being led by Google, will see a handful of the Internet’s
large websites enable Internet Protocol version 6. In theory most
users won’t notice the difference and we’ll all be able to access
Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others on June 8th, just like we would
every other day.

“But where theory meets practice there are often sparks, so it’s
a good idea to see if your system is ready now. To help with that,
there’s this test site. The site will test your system to see if
you can reach IPv4 websites and IPv6 sites. It will also test to
see if, assuming you can’t reach an IPv6 website, your web browser
will properly fall-back to trying IPv4 in a reasonable amount of
time. This last point is key because the proposed World IPv6 Day is
less about moving everyone from the old protocol to the new one
than it is about making sure websites will continue to


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