TheLinuxGurus.org: Installing an IDE CD-R Under Linux

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

“So, you have a brand new IDE CDR for your Linux box and your
just itching to burn Linux CDs to give out to all your friends,
buddies, pals, and anyone who will listen. Getting that IDE CDR
to actually work under Linux is the problem. No, it is not
difficult, and chances are your IDE CDR will work fine, plus there
is tons of software for it.
Here is the problem, there are no
native IDE CDR drivers in Linux and all the CDR software is
designed to work with a SCSI CDR. Follow the simple instructions
below and you will soon be burning CDs like a madman (or

“A word of warning, you MUST recompile your kernel in order to
get support for your IDE CDR. If you are uncomfortable with this
then you may want to skip this tutorial and have someone else do it
for you (buy me plane tickets, Ill come do it for you!).”

“The process is actually fairly straight forward. There is no
KERNEL option called IDE CR-R Support, if there were then this
would be easy. No, what we must do is use a little known feature of
the kernel to make you IDE CD-ROMS look like scsi CD-ROMS and