TheLinuxGurus.org: Linux Administration: A Beginner’s Guide [Book Review]

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

“This book is aimed primarily at new Linux system
administrators, those people who administer a small to large Linux
based network. However, I believe that anyone who installs Linux
becomes a system administrator. No, maybe your not responsible for
a large corporate network with hundreds of machines running a mix
of Operating Systems and many subnets attached, but you are
responsible for your machine at home and need to have at least a
little knowledge, especially if you want to network your machines
at home. This book contains a wealth of information with the right
mix of background, technical information and how to.”

The book is really good for those people moving from
Windows NT to the Linux world. Chapter 1 entitled ‘Technical
Summary of Linux Distributions and Windows NT’ is one of the best
discussions I have seen written on the technical differences
between Linux and Windows NT
along with a well written history
of Linux, an explanation of the GPL and the advantages of “Free”
software. I was really impressed that the author did not bash NT,
he simply put forth the relative merits and shortcomings of each
operating system….”