TheLinuxGurus.org; Linux Programmer’s Reference Second Edition [Book Review]

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

“The name of the title says it all. This is a reference
manual for Linux programmers. It is not an introductory text on
programming in Linux it is just what the title suggests. The text
does not dumb down the material any and expects you to be familiar
with the language first.

“The book appears to be unofficially divided into three parts.
Chapters 1-3 cover shell programming, chapters 4 and 5 cover
various development tools and chapters 6 and 7 cover GUI
programming. The appendix covers Perl and Tcl/Tk.”

“The three chapters that cover shell programming each follow the
same basic format. First control structures are covered such as
While loops, Do Loops, If statements etc. Operators are covered
next and then the shells commands . Each command is listed with its
syntax and a brief description of the command. In some cases (very
few) an example of the command is given. A section on configuring
each shell follows its commands section.”