TheLinuxGurus.org: Red Hat 6.2 [Standard Edition, Review, vs. SuSE & Mandrake]

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

“At least here in the United States Red Hat is the king of the
distributions. Red Hat has done much to bring Linux to the masses
and bring easy to use configuration utilities to the desktop. They
are also huge supporters of open source software, employing many of
the main people responsible for making Linux what it is today. All
other distributions are judged by how well they stack up against
Red Hat. I will take a look at Red Hat 6.2 Standard Edition and see
how well it holds up to some of the latest offerings from Suse and

“This review will concentrate on the ease of use, installation
and all around usefulness of using Red Hat Linux 6.2 in a desktop
configuration. Red Hat generally targets the server market much
more than the desktop market. This really shows in their
distributions as they are not nearly as desktop friendly as many
other distributions (Corel, Mandrake and SuSE being the top three).
Red Hat really shines as a server OS and caters to the server
market far more than most of the other distributions. This review
concentrates on the desktop usefulness of Red Hat 6.2 because the
vast numbers of people who go into a store and walk out with a
Linux distribution in hand will be doing so to install as a desktop
for home use and light home/small office networking.”

“If you are a Red Hat fan then go ahead and pick it up.
However, I personally cannot recommend it to anyone else.
you are looking for an excellent price to what you get ratio then
Suse is an excellent choice. With Suse you get 6 CDs packed full of
applications, it is easy to install, comes with a think printed
manual (though a bit hard to read at times) and has one of the best
administration tools included with any distribution and its only a
few dollars more than Red Hat 6.2 Standard Edition. Mandrake 7.0
Complete is another distribution I can highly recommend. It has (in
my opinion) the best graphical installer available, is easy to set
up and maintain, is about the same price as Red Hat 6.2 and
includes more applications along with an excellent printed