TheLinuxGurus.org: Review: Pinnacle Studio PCTV

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

“I have always wanted a TV tuner card for my system. I figured
the abilty to watch the X-Files without leaving the computer
sounded awesome. I was in a computer store one day and saw this one
for $79.99 with a $20.00 rebate, so I couldnt resist. I hate
this card, my productivity has dropped by quite a bit since
installing this card. I find myself watching TV shows I never would
have thought about before.
For example, right now I am
watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer while attempting to type out this
review. The card was easy to installo and the software was easy to
set up….”

“Installation of the card was a snap. You simply need a free PCI
slot. Open the case, slide it in, secure it in place, put the cover
back on the case. Once the card is installed you must install the
audio loopback cable. One in goes in the card and the other into
the line in port on your soundcard. Installation of the card took
about 5 minutes.”