This, Too, Shall Pass, or: Things to Remember When Reading News About OLPC

“It’s easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom over OLPC’s
future. But keep things in perspective: they aren’t as bad as they

“To the developers at OLPC, and the tireless volunteer community
contributors unsettled by Nicholas’ plans–remember that no matter
what happens, your work has not been for naught. Far from it. You
brought the smiles to children’s faces in Escuela No. 109 in
Florida, Uruguay. Your work astounded me with the results, after
little more than half a year, in the mountains of Arahuay, Peru.
Bryan Berry’s team is kicking ass on establishing a pilot in Nepal
because of your work. And if you haven’t read the linked articles
yet, now’s the time. Nothing can take away the real, palpable
impact you’ve already had on children’s lives…”