Thoughts From The Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

eWeek: Gartner Analysts Give Nod to Prime-Time Linux

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for this link. ]

“There are few trade shows over the years that have been quite
as anti-Linux and open source as the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo.

“If you’re a technology journalist, like yours truly, that comes
as no great surprise. Historically, Gartner, of all of the big IT
research firms, has always been the one that thought most kindly of
Microsoft and its friends…”


NewsForge: ‘Does Open Source Deserve a Place in Your IT

“Gartner holds a yearly conference here called Symposium/ITxpo,
one of four similar annual events it holds around the world.
Yesterday I attended a Symposium/ITxpo presentation titled Does
Open Source Deserve a Place in Your IT Portfolio? given by Gartner
vice president Mark Driver. Most of the information he put out was
correct, which was good.

“You personally may not care what Gartner analysts say, but
plenty of people who make IT purchasing and hiring decisions for
large companies and government agencies do. In recent years IT
industry analysts’ power influence has grown. Events like Gartner’s
week-long Symposium/ITxpo attract thousands of attendees, most of
whom are IT managers or business people whose responsibilities
include IT. …”