Three Acres and a Penguin: Why Distributists Should Try Linux

“Gripe, gripe, gripe. Globalization swallows the globe. Monsanto
poisons your popcorn. Big Business and Big Government team up to
embed RFID tracking chips in schoolkids. And distributists love to
hate the whole mess. Cheers! Well, friends, I have good news.
Linux. It’s time to free your computer.

“Have you heard of Linux? Maybe you went to download Firefox (a
free web browser), clicked around, and noticed that after “Windows”
and “Mac” there was “Linux”, with a little penguin. (His name is
Tux.) Maybe you’re periodically forced to interact with your IT
department, and you’ve overheard “Linux” as they discuss their
arcane secrets. Maybe you’re way ahead of me, and are irritated
because I’m probably not going to mention OpenBSD.

“Or maybe you have no clue what I’m talking about. What is
Linux? Basically, Linux is a pile of programs that lets you take
your computer, strip it down to the bare hardware, and start

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