Three Apps That Keep Linux Squeaky Clean

“As good as the Linux OS is, troublesome stuff sometimes
happens. When it does, BleachBit and GtkOrphan can do a good job
helping you solve small problems before they become major
complications. Even if you manage to keep your OS in pristine
condition, Startup Manager can help you alter settings without
having to drag out the Linux manual.

“Have you cleaned up your Linux installation lately? On its
face, that question might wrongly mark me as a Linux newbie, much
like a Linux newcomer asking about antivirus and antimalware
software. But I am far from being a newbie to Linux. That said,
three program packages designed to clean out your Linux dustbins
can keep your OS working like new.

“I admit that sounds like a sales pitch hawking some must-have
maintenance tool for Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows. But
BleachBit, GtkOrphan and Startup Manager can give you more control
over how your Linux distro behaves. These Linux apps can help you
fix some missteps when an occasional package installation goes