Time-machine backup tool daisync version 3.0.0 is released

Daisync 3.0.0 is just released. New major feature is that it enable administrator or user to find file backup by name more quickly than command ‘find’. Its other features are:

1, Unmodified files use only one space no matter how many backups are kept, and user-moved files can be linked back to the same space to save space even further
2, User can retrieve backups without administrator’s help, because the backup is on a regular file system
3, Strict owner/permission control, backup file can have the same security setting as its source
4, User can find file by name in backups more quickly than command ‘find’
5, Can backup Windows through samba, and can have granular owner/permission control for each sub-folder
6, Graphic report
7, Centralized control, no software installation or daily operation on client side