Tiny $80 SBC Runs Debian Linux

“KwikByte is shipping its smallest, lowest-cost single-board
computer (SBC) yet. Designed for general purpose computing,
embedded controls, machine vision, remote monitoring, and
database/web servers, the Debian-based KB9260 measures a wee 3.1 x
3.1 inches and costs only $80 in volume.

“Like the KBAT9261 (‘BAT6’) SBC and mini-PC that KwikByte
shipped just over a year ago, the KB9260 is based on an Atmel ARM9
processor, and has sufficiently low power consumption to support
PoE (power-over-Ethernet), even when used with a USB-powered
external hard drive, the vendor said. Also like the BAT6, it runs
Linux, comes with native development tools, and is available with
an optional enclosure..”