Tiny Core 3.5 review � a blend of the brilliant and the infuriating

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“Tiny Core is a light and modular Linux distribution. Its main
purpose is to allow the easy construction of simple but powerful
appliance-like desktops. Michael Reed tests the latest

“Contemplating a distribution that can get you to a basic, empty
desktop by booting from a 10MB ISO (you read that right), you’d be
forgiven for wondering how comprehensive a Tiny Core system could
be. On further investigation it turns out that Tiny Core owes its
slim stature to a careful choice of lightweight components and the
fact that it isn’t derived from one of the mainstream
distributions. This decision by the developers brings with it both
advantages and disadvantages. Tiny Core offers a very fast
experience overall, with a boot time that none of the major
distributions can touch. On the other hand, if something goes wrong
or you couldn’t find a runnable application that you needed, the
remedies that work on other Linux systems may not work with Tiny

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