Tonight on The Linux(r) Show!! for July 27th 1999

Thanks to Jeff Gerhardt
for this announcement.

TONIGHT: LIVE From High A-Top the Pinnacle Internet

Kevin Hill, Jeff Gerhardt and Chris Kolar have another great
show tonight on The Linux(r) Show!! We are going to do a show that
is significantly lighter than last weeks debate.

Tonight’s show will be an Open Forum for Linux community members
(LUGs and such) and Linux vendors (hardware and software) to call
in and talk about news out of their company leading up to the
August 10-12 Linux World Expo. So if you LUG is going to the expo,
call in. If your company is going to the Expo, call in and tell us
what you are going to exhibit. Its a NEWS FREE FOR ALL. Call in
tonight at 888-591-tech.

Our first confirmed news Item is our own release at
http://linuxtoday.com/ about our broadcasting alliance
for the expo with Linux Journal

So, we are our own guests tonight along with Doc Searls from the

Also confirmed is Rob from Tucows talking about the pre-expo
release of the new “Linuxberg”.

We will also be having PJ Hyett stop by the studio tonight. “PJ”
is our intern who has been very busy working on our web site. We
will take a quick tour of the site tonight.

PLUS There will be lots more!

Come listen to the discussion Tonight, Tuesday July 27th 1999,
at 6:00 pm pacific, 8:00 pm central, 9:00 pm eastern time, 1:00am

Listen LIVE TONIGHT at www.TTalk.com. Call in tonight on
888-591-tech, or chat on IRC.PINNATEL.COM:6665 #linuxshow.

Come join our Show Tonight as “The Linux(r) Show!!(tm) is joined
by Linux notables such as Matthew Cunningham from the Linux
Journal, Dan Yocum from Fermi Labs, Kara Pritchard in the chat
room, Denzil from Tucows, and who knows who else may join us.