Top 5 Alternative Web Browsers for Ubuntu Linux

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“So, without further ado, here some of the best alternative web
browsers for Ubuntu Linux:

“Epiphany: Epiphany is a GNOME-based web browser that’s both fun
and simple to use. Sporting a well-designed interface, Epiphany
complies with all the modern standards. The Epiphany Manifesto sums
up the project goals as follows: Simplicity, Standards Compliance,
and GNOME integration. Targeted towards non-technical users,
Epiphany is incredibly fast and has been translated in over sixty
languages. To make sure that you don’t miss Firefox or Chrome, the
open source web browser comes with support for extensions that add
to existing functionality. Though there aren’t that many add-ons to
choose from, a few of them are particularly great. For example,
Mouse Gestures, Tab Groups and Smart Bookmarks. Furthermore, if you
care about how pages are displayed in the browser, don’t worry as
Epiphany scores a perfect 100/100 in Acid 3 tests.”

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