Top 5 Media Center Applications for Linux

[ Thanks to kiterunner for this link.

“We have discussed a lot about multimedia applications
available for Linux, but never really about media center
applications specifically. Unlike many other niches where Linux
lags behind other proprietary OS’s in terms of good applications
available, Linux have a clear upper hand when you consider the
sheer number of very good open source media center applications
available out there. Here is a quick listing of top 5 media center
applications for Linux.

“XBMC Media Center

“Probably the most popular open source media center application
out there. Plenty of users already and you won’t have any problem
finding support. The latest release comes with new add-ons system
which means even more skins, plugins, visualizations, add-ons for
XBMC which are not only awesome but also very easy to install and

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