Top 6 Linux and BSD graphical installation programs

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“While it is true that not all distro developers have the
resources to code their own graphical installer, or to code a good
one, I do not think that it is always necessary to roll your own
installer. After all, we are talking about free software here. So
to those distro developers without the resources to code a new
graphical installation program, my only advice is, find an existing
one that you like, one that you can work with, and fork it. That is
how Sabayon’s developers gave their distribution a good
installation program.

“With the introduction out of the way, the rest of this article
brings you a list of the best graphical installation programs
available on active Linux and BSD desktop distributions. And not to
get entangled in the knotty issue of deciding which one of the
bunch is the best, they are listed in alphabetical order. “

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