Top Android Phone Troubleshooting Tips

I’m the first to admit that I spend entirely too much time staring at my Android phone.

Unfortunately with heavy usage, errors and mishaps are bound to occur. In this article, I’ll share my top tips for troubleshooting, fixing and often avoiding Android phone issues. Android slowdown Performance slowdown is a common issue that affects some Android phones more than others. Usually the symptoms experienced include apps loading more slowly, apps crashing and Android navigation feeling sluggish. Based on my experience, the issue can be drilled down to the following common causes: Too many processes/apps are running at once. Apps needing to have their cache(s) cleared. The cache partition needs to be cleared. Your internal storage is almost completely filled. Let’s start off by examining the first possible cause – too many apps running. Most people don’t think to kill off the apps that they started and are no longer running. Simply use your recent apps button, then choose the Task Manager to see if anything unnecessary is still running. Click on End for each of the apps you wish to stop running in the background. Did your phone speed up some? No, then keep reading.