Top Free Android Photo Tools

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“The capture and sharing of photos has become a mainstream
activity for users on the Android platform. The latest Android
devices come supplied with a camera or two capable of taking high
resolution pictures that are reasonably noise free. Whilst the
quality of pictures inevitably lags behind point-and-shoot digital
cameras, smartphones are often shipped with cameras that have
auto-focus, LED flash, and which even make a reasonable attempt of
capturing images in low-light.

“It would be generous to describe the built-in Android gallery
app as a killer utility. Fortunately, there is a huge range of
third-party photo apps that are available in the Android

“Anyone with a large photo collection will know that finding and
identifying a specific picture can be very time consuming. The
purpose of this article is to select Android software that helps
manage your photo collection on the move. We also focus on Android
apps that help to spruce up your photos, applying weird and
wonderful effects and filters.”

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