Top Linux Distros For Every Level User

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“In the past I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time
talking about the various ways desktop Linux needs to be easier for
new users. At the same time, I haven’t turned a blind eye to those
who prefer to actually “learn Linux” rather than having everything
done for them “out of the box.” After all, there’s something to be
said for being able to repair something on a granular level.

“In this article, I’ll highlight some of the top Linux
distributions for advanced users as well as some great ones for
those who are intermediate and newer users. In each case, I’ll
include distributions for those wanting to learn more about using
Linux effectively.

“Linux for advanced users

“Gentoo – Designed to be very customizable and portable , Gentoo
is a longtime favorite among many of the Linux elite. With Gentoo,
source code is compiled at a local level, software is installed via
the Portage system and the documentation provided allows the end
user plenty of assistance in getting things running.”

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