Toshiba finds workaround to Microsoft End-User License Agreement bug

Bradley J. Willson
posted to the Linux-Biz mailing list:

Everett Linux User Group II met today for the second time and it
was there that a new dirty trick was exposed. One of the new
attendees (I didn’t catch his name) brought in a new Toshiba
notebook, and explained that he found a “legal agreement” on the
plastic wrap that states if you open the plastic, you accept the
terms of the sale. So much for loading Linux before using the
computer! They seem to have found a way around the EULA and have
the consumer by the short hairs before the floppy ever reaches the

If there is a legal expert on the list, please consider this in
light of the recent Windows Refund Day event and make suggestions
as appropriate. I am inclined to boycott any manufacturer that
corners the consumer in that fashion.

You can complain to the FTC using this form.