TriTeal Enterprise Desktop (TED) for Linux

Victor Martinez
submitted to COLA:

Due to user demand, TriTeal is pleased to announce the release
of TriTeal Enterprise Desktop (TED) 4.2 for Linux, an
implementation of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE). This
release fixes the security problem mentioned by RedHat in their
announcement to discontinue selling RedHat’s TriTeal CDE

TED for Linux is now available online at Yahoo!Store for
$119.95. An upgrade to TED 4.2 for Linux is available for $19.95
through January 31, 1999. Our subscription service is also
available at a price of $35 and entitles a customer to software
updates and reduced prices for new versions if and when they become
available during the following 12 months.

A 30 day trial version of TED for Linux is also available. For
more information, please go to http://www.triteal.com/TED/linux_announcement.htm


Barry K. Hartman
Director, Marketing
TriTeal Corporation