TUCOWS Launches Linuxberg

Great GNUs! TUCOWS Launches Linuxberg: The Coolest Place for
Linux Software

January 11, 1999 – Toronto – TUCOWS Interactive Limited today
announced the newest addition to its network of software
distribution sites, Linuxberg. Located at <http://www.linuxberg.com>,
Linuxberg features the best new applications and games for the
highly popular Linux operating system. Each of these applications
is extensively tested and evaluated by TUCOWS reviewers before they
are placed online and distributed through the Linuxberg Affiliate
Network. At launch, the network consists of over 40 sites worldwide
with an expectation to expand to more than 100 by March, 1999.

“We are excited at the prospect of taking part in this growing
movement,” says TUCOWS founder Scott Swedorski. “There are
literally thousands of talented people contributing to the whole
Linux/OSS movement and we are pleased that we have the opportunity
to make our own contribution.”

Linuxberg also breaks new ground for the Linux community.
Linuxberg gives Linux users a highly available, highly accessible
resource through which they can download their favorite software
titles and distributions without fear of slow downloads or broken
links. Countering the trend perpetuated by bookmark sites that
simply point to existing Internet resources for downloads,
Linuxberg aims to alleviate the burden placed on the larger FTP
sites by maintaining its own library of files and distributing them
throughout the world to dozens of geographically distributed mirror

“Linux exploded in 1998,” says Swedorski. “Support for the
platform is coming from all sides – development, support and
adoption, but there is no clear distribution channel for
application software on this platform. For Linux to continue to
grow as a viable OS, we feel that it is critical to bring our
unique talents to the table. There are a lot of great people doing
a lot of great things in this space, Sunsite, Freshmeat and many
others. We hope to support their efforts while pushing out the
edges of the space in our own way. We aim to provide an additional
distribution channel for high-demand software on a fast, reliable
and secure network.”

Linuxberg also goes beyond being a simple software archive. The
site features selected editorial and news headlines surrounding the
the latest developments from desktop environments to distributions
through the “Linuxberg Times”. Linuxberg has also provided
convenient links to The Linux Documentation Project. The LDP
contains complex and reliable information for the Linux operating
system. The Project addresses all issues of Linux documentation,
ranging from online documentation to printed manuals covering
topics such as installing, using, and running Linux. Visitors can
also find the hottest Linux links, answers to FAQ’s, information on
upcoming events, site mirrors and commercial Linux products.

About The TUCOWS Network <http://www.tucows.com>

Started in 1994 by Scott Swedorski as a public service to new
Net users, The TUCOWS Network has earned the reputation of being
the highest quality Internet software distribution site on the
Internet. Having received dozens of Awards and Citations, including
PC Magazine Top 100, PC Computing, Yahoo! Pick of the Week, MSN
Pick of the Week, and The TUCOWS Network is also a member of the PC
Magazine Web Hall of Fame. The TUCOWS Network has expanded to over
550 Affiliate sites in over 70 Countries world-wide, serving over
40 million page accesses per month. Not only is The TUCOWS Network
one of the busiest sites on the Internet, it is the only software
archive mirrored simultaneously in China, Russia and South

Amber Fait
TUCOWS Interactive Limited

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