Turbolinux Drinks Microsoft’s IP-Protection Kool-Aid

“Microsoft and Turbolinux, a major Linux distributor in Japan
and China, announced on Oct. 22 that they had signed a business
deal that advances Linux-Microsoft Windows Server interoperability,
furthers research and development collaboration, and provides IP
(intellectual property) assurances for Turbolinux users.

“This isn’t the first time that Turbolinux has worked with
Microsoft. Indeed, in 2004, Turbolinux was the first major Linux
distributor to make a deal with Microsoft. In that agreement,
Turbolinux got the rights to ship a media player that could legally
play movies and music encoded in Microsoft’s proprietary WMF
(Windows Media Format). Then, in July, Turbolinux joined the
Microsoft-sponsored Open XML-Open Document Format Translator