Tuxmachines.org: Slackware 10.2

“It’s no secret that Slackware 10.2 was released yesterday. This
was big news and headlined many sites as well as being announced on
DistroWatch with the links to download torrents. Slackware puts out
a new release once or maybe twice a year if the community is lucky,
so when they do release a new version, it’s big news. I, like many
of you, have been on pins and needles for several weeks now since
hints of a impending new release leaked out. Then anticipation grew
when the changelog of last week made the press announcing 10.2 was
almost ready and should be out probably by Tuesday. Torrents were
made public yesterday and I grabbed my place in line. Excitement
overwhelmed me as I booted the install disk. I was not disappointed
in what I found…”