Tyan Tempest i5400XT

[ Thanks to Michael Larabel for this
link. ]

“When the Intel Quad-Core ‘Clovertown’ Xeon processors were
introduced in late 2006 we had reviewed (among other motherboards)
the Tyan Tempest i5000XT (S2696) motherboard. We had found this
i5000X-based motherboard to work incredibly well with Linux and it
ended up being awarded with our Editor’s Choice Award for its
impressive feature-set, Linux compatibility, and top-notch
performance. It has been a while since last looking at a Tyan
motherboard, but with the emergence of Intel’s Wolfdale and
Harpertown processors requiring new motherboards, today we are
looking at the Tempest i5400XT S5396 motherboard. The Tempest
i5400XT is similar to the i5000XT, but it’s been upgraded to the
new Intel 5400 MCH…”

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