Ubuntu 11.04 won’t be the same old Linux desktop

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“Ubuntu’s new Unity Linux desktop interface is the
change that everyone is talking about, but it was far from the only
change that Canonical and Ubuntu’s developers are making to
Ubuntu’s desktop. In fact, even without the change from straight
GNOME to Unity, the developers are planning on major changes to the
Ubuntu desktop.

“We knew some of these changes was coming. Mark Shuttleworth,
Ubuntu’s founder, had already announced that Ubuntu would be moving
from OpenOffice to LibreOffice for its default office suite. At
this point, LibreOffice is 99.9% identical to OpenOffice. By the
time Ubuntu 11.04 is released in April, LibreOffice is expected to
have improved performance and increased interoperability with
Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 formats.”

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