Ubuntu 7.10 + WINE vs. Windows XP

[ Thanks to Michael larabel for this
link. ]

“This week’s release of Ubuntu 7.10 ‘Gutsy Gibbon’ is a
significant win for the free software community. Not only does this
release incorporate an updated package set–most notably with the
Linux 2.6.22 kernel and GNOME 2.20, but it also delivers on new
desktop innovations from BulletProofX and displayconfig-gtk to
Compiz Fusion being enabled by default on supported systems.
However, for those business professionals and gamers that remain
dependent on some Windows-only binary applications, the WINE (WINE
Is Not An Emulator) project has been making some excellent headway
into supporting Windows applications on the Linux desktop. With
Ubuntu 7.10 and WINE 0.9.46 in hand, we had set out to compare the
performance between Windows XP and Gutsy Gibbon with WINE on two
popular DirectX benchmarks…”

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