Ubuntu 8.04 vs. Windows Vista Power Usage

[ Thanks to Michael Larabel for
this link. ]

“In Q4’07 we had looked at Ubuntu’s power consumption with all
of their Linux releases going back to Ubuntu 5.04. While Linux has
improved in recent years when it comes to power efficiency and
optimizations, more processes running on the desktop had canceled
out any real power improvements. Following that article was a look
at power consumption between Windows and Linux. We had used an old
desktop system in that comparison and Ubuntu 7.10 was consuming the
most power while idling but Fedora 8 Test 3 had consumed the least
amount of power and had beat out both Windows XP and Vista. While
using the desktop, however, both versions of Windows had consumed
less power than Fedora and Ubuntu. With Ubuntu 8.04 LTS now
available, we have decided to run another simple power comparison.
This time we are using a Lenovo ThinkPad notebook and an AMD server
as we see whether Ubuntu Hardy Heron or Microsoft Windows Vista
consumes less power…”

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