Ubuntu Crack & Hack Win7 User Passwords & Files. Also how to prevent this

[ Thanks to PmaBox for this link.

“You can use this how-to for several purposes. The
purpose intended here is to simply to recover a forgotten password
and or access the user private files. NOT MY INTENT, this tutorial
may also be used with the worse of intentions to crack, hack a win7
user password and or have illegitimate access to the user private
files. The procedure is really easy and fast. Also included in the
purpose of this article is ways to help users avoid these

“The fastest way and by far the easiest, is to use a Linux Live
CD to access the user private files

“In this case we are only going to access private files, access
to win7 OS is not required. Download the latest Ubuntu iso file,
burn it ti a cd or use the USB creator to make a bootable Ubuntu
USB pen “stick”.”

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