Ubuntu Eye for the Debian Guy: Running Linux on Linux

“Sometimes you can stumble upon interesting discovers while
actually looking for something else. That happened to me when I
decided to try another Linux distribution besides my favorite one:
Debian. I have used Debian since 1998 when I was a budding Java
developer trying to install a Java Virtual Machine under Linux.
Back then, Debian 2.1 (slink) was the only distribution that
allowed me to do this. I’ve used Debian ever since and have become
an experienced Debian user and administrator who enjoys solving a
lot of usability challenges manually.

“All along I have resisted the lure of other Linux distributions
and I believe I did not miss much during these years. However, as
Ubuntu increasingly became a worldwide phenomenon, I eventually
decided to try it but didn’t want to leave Debian behind. So I
decided to use virtualization: I would run Linux (Ubuntu) on Linux