Ubuntu Is Driving Me Away

“I know that Microsoft is opposed to the existence of Linux.
That have said so, often and stridently. I know that Novell caved
in and did not stand up for FOSS when they had the chance. They
have since apologized, sort of, but the damage is done. Other
companies did not follow suit, including Red Hat and Canonical. I
respect them for this as much as I detest Novell for selling us
down the drain.

“Mono is not only a reminder of that sellout, but its legal
status is far from settled. Novell and Microsoft can’t agree
on who can distribute it. Microsoft takes the position that their
agreement only covers Novell and not other distributions. Novell
thinks otherwise. I do not care. Nothing that comes from Microsoft
can be for our good and benefit. They are dedicated to our
destruction and downfall.

“Mono has infected Gnome. Ubuntu uses Gnome. I switched to
Kubuntu and am happy with it. Now Moonlight is infecting Linux.
Canonical is compromising its principles in the use of them and in
my using their products I am forced to compromise my own

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