Ubuntu Linux and GNOME: The Disputes continue

“Linux is the supercomputer operating system of choice; thanks
to Android, Linux is becoming the most popular smartphone operating
system of them all;and Linux continues to make gains in the server
market. But, when it comes to the desktop, no matter how you
measure it, Linux has never how more than a tiny share of the
desktop market. Why? Well, I can give you lots of reasons, but one
that Mark Shuttleworth founder of Canonical, the company behind the
popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, has pointed out that there’s a
lot of disorganization and disorder in Linux desktop developer

“The specific problem that started the current discussions
roiling the Linux desktop waters was explored by Dave Neary, a
member and former director of the GNOME, in a commentary on how
Canonical and Ubuntu people claimed that “We offered our help to
GNOME, and they didn’t want it.”

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