Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 Now Available for Testing with Improved, Smarter Keyboard

Originally planned as a small update that was supposed to contain only some bug fixes and improvements, the Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 release appears to bring quite some enhancements for Ubuntu Phones, such as a much-improved and smarter keyboard that introduces a Dvorak keyboard layout option, improvements to the Japanese and Polish layouts, as well as a new way to edit text. UBports’ in-house built Morph Browser web browser for the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system also got some enhancements during the development cycle of the OTA-11 software update, among which we can mention the ability to save page zoom level per-site, the ability to set “Always allow” or “Always deny” on location access per-site, the ability to blacklist access to certain sites, and support for sites to launch apps via custom URL handlers like tel:// for launch the dialer.