Ubuntu Unity vs. GNOME 3: Which is Better?

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“The largest difference between the two interfaces is that GNOME
3 uses a minimum of two screens: one in which open windows
displays, and the overview in which the system is configured and
applications chosen and run.

“By contrast, Unity remains oriented towards a single screen
unless you use virtual workspaces. For light usage, this setup is
less confusing and tiresome; in GNOME 3, it can sometimes seems
like you are changing screens every few seconds. However, on a
netbook in particular, Unity opens many windows full-screen — or
near enough to make no difference. If you work with more than a
couple of windows open at the same time, the effect is not much
different than working in GNOME 3.

“Where most people are likely to notice the differences between
GNOME 3 and Unity is in their implementation of similar

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