Unity is the end of Ubuntu

[ Thanks to Tuxworx for this link. ]

Why does Unity suck so much? Because it assumes you’re
a complete retard who can only click shiny buttons. It assumes you
don’t care what is going on in any programs except the one you
currently have focus on. It assumes you want to run everything
maximized. It assumes you don’t need proper notifications from
certain applications. It puts the hideable launch bar on the left,
where you accidentally activate it every time you go to the File
menu in a program, or aim for the refresh button in a browser.

Speaking of browsers, Unity hates Google Chrome (the browser I
use most) so much, it buried it three levels deep in a ridiculously
oversimplified, slow-loading, nonsensical menu system. It assumed I
wanted every LibreOffice program in my application dock; I use
those programs so infrequently that I may as well uninstall them,
but somehow Unity thinks they are more important to me than Chrome.
Hell, Unity thought I would prefer Chromium, and up until now I
thought I’d uninstalled it!