Universities foster the next big tech innovation through open source

“Collaborations between universities have been advancing the
state of technology for many years. Successful university
collaborations have been adopted by NASDAQ leaders and become part
of our everyday lives. While unknown to the layman, the Kerberos
network authentication protocol grew from a project at MIT and is
now used by virtually all of the top tech companies, including
Apple, Google and Microsoft. What does that mean to you? Every time
you login to Windows with your username and password, you’re using
Kerberos. It’s part of the default configuration within Windows,
and it all started with students and faculty collaborating with
network services provided by Project Athena. With funding from IBM
and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1983, Kerberos grew from
a university-based open source project to its inclusion in every
major operating system.”

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